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Lotto007 Ultimate and Lotto007 For Pick 3/4 Added Features

Feature 1: Added new function WRG(ver1.0) (support pick 3/4 version)

WRG = Wheel Reduction Guarantee . The WRG is designed to enable a player to play more numbers.

When we use the wheels and the filter after, there are still so many combinations, this time we can use WRG! we can choose to retain the 80% 50% 30% 20% 10% 5%, we will do the optimal choice!

Feature 2: We know that when we use the wheels, the different sorting gets different results, We allow to change the number of points.

Supports multiple sorting modes in the new version:

(1) Random: Randomly generated points for each number.

(2) Low->High: All numbers from large to small sort.

(3) High->Low:
All numbers from small to large sort.

(4) Front->Back: Reverse order.

(5) Reset:Return to original state.





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